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Joiken Opal 402 Digital Multi Function Unit
Joiken Opal 402 Digital Multi Function Unit

Joiken Opal 402 Digital Multi Function Unit

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Opal 402 Digital Multi Function Unit by Joiken

This efficient and easy-to-care-for Digital Multi Function machine is a complete unit.
This complete unit comes with everything an aesthetician will need to get started!


  • Facial Steamer
  • Magnifying lamp
  • Ultrasonic Skin Unit
  • Skin scrubber
  • High frequency
  • Rotary Facial brush
  • Galvonic
  • Spray Vacuum
  • Wood Lamp

OPAL 402 Multi functions Facial Steamer Unit


This well balanced compact unit comes with easy to move around and all functions operate on one control panel and digital display screen


1.Steamer with ozone & timer

  • Timer Setting Automatic shut-off.
  • Varable Steam Setting Hi - Low.
  • Low Water Level Detection Function
  • Spay Arm can be 130 Degree Adjust, Spay Head  can be rotated 360 degree.
  • Essence oil can be added.
  • Stand by function enables steamer water keep warm.

2.Vacuum And Spray

  • The suction is helpful in deep pore cleaning of the skin.
  • It acts much like a miniature Vacuum cleaner to suck out deeply embedded dirty, grease and other impurities as well as matter skin.

3. Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Function

  • Exfoliates build up on the skin
  • Oil and Dirt Removal
  • Pore Cleansing
  • Product Absorption
  • Blood Circulation 
  • Blackhead Removal

4. Ultrasonic 

  • Analyse skin conditions.
  • Use in a totally dark room.
  • Help esthetician to determine proper. treatment of various skin conditions.

5. Hi Frequency

  • Sterilize by special ultraviolet and infrared ray.
  • Part and point treatment to cure acne skin.
  • With warmness from high frequency through glass conduit, accelerate cicatrisation of wound.

6. Galvanic

  • Galvanic applies the principle of negative positive current sucking each other.
  • Cooperating with nutritional solution of anion and cation, to introduce nutrition into skin and harmonize skin degree of acid and alkali.
  • Accelerate blood circulation.

7. Mag Lamp

  • Amplifying lamp consists of optical lens and soft light of cold lamp tube.
  • It can make observation more clean, so acne and black spot are more easily to be found.
  • It is very suitable for tattoo, waxing, eyelash tint and skin analysis.

8. Rotary Facial Brush

  • Massage skin and clean skin out of keratose layer and dirty.
  • Relieve fatigue simultaneously.

9. Wood Lamp Skin Analyzer

Woods Lamp Skin Analyzer is a lamp made to examine and diagnose your skin type for proper facial treatment. This lamp has a 3x diopter magnifying lens and uses UV light to diagnose skin conditions. It is a diagnostic tool used in dermatology to observe any subsequent fluoresce of the skin.

Under the Ultraviolet Lights, you can diagnose different skin conditions such as dry or oily areas, or excessive layers of dead skin, in which will show up under the violet light normally invisible to the naked eye.


  • After cleansing skin, cover client's eyes with cotton.
  • Secure cover shade to wood lamp.
  • Completely cover client's face with cover shade. The wood lamp should be parallel to client’s face with distance of 15-20cm.
  • Identify different skin characteristics by appearances of different colors under the ultraviolet ray


  • Light Blue: Normal Healthy Skin
  • Brown Fluorescent: Pigmentation and Dark Spots
  • Orange Points: Oily Skin
  • Purple and Dark Purple: Soft Skin, Dehydrated Skin, Skin Lacks Of Moisture
  • White Fluorescent: Thick Layer of Skin and Deak Cells
  • Light Yellow: Oily Acne Skin

 OPAL 402 Multi Function Unit Specs:
Voltage AC 220v/240v
Frequency : 50hz/60hz
Power : 850w/900w

Dimensions: 95H x 40W x 27L

Weight: 21kg

Gross Weight: 27.5kg , 7.7kg

Voltage: 220V - 240V

Product Code - 45402

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