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Capilo Capillary Treatment

The Capilo line was created in 1937 with Capillicure, the first anti-hair loss lotion, based on research conducted by the French dermatologist Raymond, who characterised the different existing types of alopecia.

In 1963, Capillicure changes to Capilo and incorporates new treatments becoming the number one solution specific for hair-related problems in France and Spain.

After its initial success, Capilo continued to evolve, and in 1979 capilliculture emerged as a method for acquiring knowledge, diagnosing, and treating the principal hair-related problems.

Today, Capilo rejuvenates itself in order to remain at the forefront in the treatment of hair-related problems.


The condition of the scalp show’s us the quality and the health of the hair. Contained within the scalp are the hair follicles, this is where the hair is grown. A healthy scalp will provide the right environment for stronger hair to grow which is full of vitality. To ensure a healthy hair, it is extremely important to analyse our scalp and hair to determinate the appropriate treatment.

Being aware of this need, CAPILO treatments are divided into the following phases:

1. Scalp Preparation

2. The Treatment

Scalp Preparation

Prepare a good capillary base is essential for subsequent treatment application. CAPILO treatments, include pre-treatment phase, where the scalp and the hair work well for the subsequent application of the appropriate treatment. A hair wash of sensations, through a 3D effect, a balanced massage and a personal and close treatment only in approved salons.

The Treatment


Capilo offers a specific solution to every hair problem.

  • Energikum - Hair Loss
    • Progressive Hair Loss
    • Temporary Hair Loss
  • Oxygenum - Dandruff
    • Dry Dandruff
    • Oily Dandruff
  • Ekilibrium - Oily Scalp
    • Oily Hair
    • Oily Scalp & Dry Hair
  • Vitalikum - Hair Loss & Oily Scalp
    • Hair Loss & Oily Hair
    • Oily Dandruff